With the majority of buyers beginning their search for a new home online, it is important to make the first impression sleek and shiny. Here at Associated Real Estate we have a few tips for how to prepare your home to make it shine on camera!

Pare down.

  • Removing one or two pieces of furniture from each room can make your space appear larger on screen, and allow the buyer to visualize themselves in the home before they even step foot inside.

Make it spotless.

  • Cameras tend to magnify grime! Don’t forget floor coverings and walls; a spot on a rug might be overlooked during a regular home showing, but it could become a focal point online.

Know what to leave.

  • You want to avoid clutter, but leave one or two personal touches on each surface. Things like a lamp, plant, or book, can make the space seem more like home.


  • Move the furniture in such a way that it has its focal point furthest from the doorway, as this is most likely where the photo will be taken and will create depth to make your space seem larger. Examples of focal points are a bed in a bedroom, or a china cabinet in the dining room.

Snap practice pictures with your own camera.

  • This will give you an idea of what the home will look like on camera before your agent from Associated Real Estate arrives to take photos. Examine your photos and make changes to improve each room’s appearance, such as opening blinds to let in natural light, removing magnets from the refrigerator, or taking down distracting art.


  • Include a healthy plant in every room; the camera loves greenery. Energize bland decor by placing a bright vase on a mantle or placing a few colorful pillows on the couch.

Keep the home looking camera ready.

  • We at Associated Real Estate guarantee to get your home plenty of in-person attention and we know that second impressions are just as important as the first! Buyers who liked what they saw online expect to encounter the same home in person!